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Attorney Profile

ELLIOTT FAUST has been practicing law since 1984. Starting his criminal defense practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he had attended the University of San Francisco School of Law, he relocated with his family, to the wide open spaces of the California Gold Country in 1992, where he continues to dedicate himself to the individualized counseling and intense legal preparation, that his client’s have come to expect.

Elliott brings nearly 30 years of criminal defense experience in his advocacy of your cause, earned in the various Superior Courts and Federal Courts, located throughout Northern California. His knowledge, attention to detail, and most important, his understanding of how good people can, at times, make bad or impulsive decisions, is why over a thousand client’s have been satisfied with the results of they’re criminal cases.

 Elliott has successfully defended California clients charged with the following offenses:

        Assault                                                 Drug Offenses

        Battery                                                  DUI/ Reckless Driving

        Domestic Violence                                Federal Offenses

        Sexual Assault                                      Conspiracy

        Child Molestation                                  Forgery

        Burglary                                                Traffic Offenses

        Robbery                                                All Juvenile Cases

        DMV Suspensions                                All Misdemeanor Cases