Attorney at Law

Elliott Faust Attorney at Law

” I am an Attorney, who has been representing Clients throughout Northern California for 28 years, accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses. I completely understand the potentially devastating consequences that a criminal conviction can have on so many aspects of your life. I also know how difficult it is on you, and your family, to navigate through the confusing rules of the Superior Court process.

I am fully committed to providing complete legal counsel to my Client’s. I know that the the stress and anxiety caused by being accused of a criminal offense can be overwhelming. I focus my attention not only your legal issues, but as importantly, your life concerns. My objective is to successfully get you, and your family, through the Superior Court process. Our shared goal is to turn a terrible experience, into an incident that has no long term negative impact on your life.”

 Elliott has successfully defended California clients charged with the following offenses:

        Assault                                                 Drug Offenses

        Battery                                                  DUI/ Reckless Driving

        Domestic Violence                                Federal Offenses

        Sexual Assault                                      Conspiracy

        Child Molestation                                  Forgery

        Burglary                                                Traffic Offenses

        Robbery                                                All Juvenile Cases

        DMV Suspensions                                All Misdemeanor Cases